Welcome to Battle River Alternative Centre for Education


Battle River Alternative Centre for Education serves students across Battle River School Division in numerous capacities.

We are the Outreach school for BRSD and serve students in grade 10-12, who are able to work online and in person at our location in the McCleary Wing of ECCHS (North Door entrance). We also provide the Learning Together Program for young parents wishing to complete their schooling.

We also share students across the high schools (grades 10-12) of BRSD who may not  be able to take a required course at their home school. They are able to blend online and complete those courses with us. 

If parent led Home Education is of interest to you, we offer both a traditional and faith-based program. 

Lastly, we oversee the schooling of the Camrose Women's Shelter student population throughout the year. 

If you have interest in any of our programs please contact the school at 780-672-2205




We believe in and have established our school culture to align with Battle ​River School Division’s vision of “Every Student, Every Day, A Success”. 

At Battle River Alternative Centre for Education, students, teachers, support staff, and community partner’s work together to ensure a safe, supportive and caring learning experience for all that nurtures and celebrates diversity. In our self-directed learning environments we actively listen to our students giving value and credence to individual student voice and that provide the opportunity for choice.  This allows for students to have the freedom to customize a learning program they feel is best suited for their unique goals, diverse abilities, personal interests and life circumstances.

Creating a culture that recognizes the value of personalization and flexible learning environments, students can choose courses, personalize attendance agreement and develop educational plans that accommodates for individualized learning at their own pace. By empowering our students to actively participate in their learning, we believe, each student will be more engaged, take more responsibility and develop ownership of their learning that will result in the successful completion of High School. ​

We strive on a daily basis to be mindful of our interactions with all students, hopeful that the guidance and support provided will give each of our students the skill sets, knowledge and learning experiences to be successful and caring members within our communities.

Melanie Buckley
Principal - Battle River Alternative Centre for Education


"To be willing is to be able"

Programs and Services

BRACE offers:

  • Online high school courses
  • Summer school
  • Parent led home education 

BRACE Overview

Wecome to Battle River Alternative Centre for Education!

At Battle River Alternative Centre for Education we provide high school students of all ages the opportunity to take a full high school program, or complete that missing course they may need for post-secondary entrance requirements.  Courses are offered online through a learning platform called Moodle.  Courses are designed to be completed in a semester. 

We are an independent, self-directed learning environment, infused with direct teaching opportunities daily. Students learn best when they are provided hands on activities. We serve students across the division including adult learners, independent students, and students who are unable to attend full time due to personal circumstances. 

As we have a number of students who are independent, we provide opportunities to complete schooling on a schedule that suits their individual needs. However, the greater the attendance, the greater success students will have! Therefore, we encourage full time attendance wherever possible.

BRACE also offers summer school programming.    

BRACE also oversees home schooling education for parents looking to educate their students at home.

We are located at the North side of Ecole Camrose Composite High school. We are open Monday-Friday during regular school hours. We look forward to helping you with all of your alternative learning needs. 

North Door 6205-48 Ave
Camrose, AB T4V 0K4

Phone: 780-672-2205