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Photo of Mark Chanasyk

Mark Chanasyk

CTS, LDC's, Home Education


Photo of Amanda Cardinal

Amanda Cardinal

Math 20, Science, Biology, Art

Photo of Sonja Cumming

Sonja Cumming

English 10, Social 20, Psychology

Photo of Dianna Kroetsch

Dianna Kroetsch

SCI 14/24, Social 10, CALM

Photo of Jen​ Lindstrand

Jen​ Lindstrand

English 20/30, Creative Writing and Publishing

Photo of Donnelle​	​ Millang

Donnelle​ ​ Millang

PE, Math 10, Math 20, SOC 30

Photo of Alex Price

Alex Price

Chemistry, Physics, Math 30

Support Staff

Photo of Laural​ Hoff

Laural​ Hoff

Administrative Assistant​

Photo of Teresa Kruchten

Teresa Kruchten

Career Counsellor

Photo of Shannon Olson

Shannon Olson

Educational Assistant

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