Programs & Services

Programs and Services

High School:   We offer a variety of high school courses to meet the requirements of an Alberta High School Diploma or K & E Certificate of Achievement.   Check out the courses that are available to BRACE students.  

BRACE Course Directory

Middle School Program:     BRACE Middle Years Program students must be referred to by other BRSD schools.  There is no direct entry into this program.  All program referrals are done  through consultation with the inclusion team.   

Summer School-  We offer a selection of courses each July.   We are also the designated BRSD writing centre for any diploma exams written in August for our division.  Click here for Summer School 2024. 

Home Education:  


Parent Directed Home Education programming (Grades 1-12) adheres to the provincial Home Education Regulation. Parents have maximum input into their children's program designs. This program allows the most flexibility in terms of the educational focus for the school year - including resource selection, instructional methods and forms of assessment. The parent takes on the sole responsibility in teaching their child/children, with a BRSD teacher/facilitator providing support with program planning and evaluation. 

To register for BRSD  parent-directed program, parents will need to:

  • submit a Home Education Declaration Form
  • submit a Home Education Learning Plan (HEP)  that meets the Home Education Regulation requirements
  • submit a mid and a year end written summary of the child’s progress toward the learning outcomes identified in the home education plan
  • provide dated samples of the child’s learning in all of the subject areas identified in the home education plan (minimum of 4 core subjects)
  • attend student progress review meetings with the child twice yearly with the BRSD teacher facilitator (fall/year end)

High School programming is available through online learning through BRACE.  

NOTE: Registration for this program closes on September 29th each school year. 



At BRACE there are a number of supports in place to assist students with all of their needs.

School Resource Officer – Provides support to students and staff as needed.

Family School Liaison Worker – Provides support services and acts as a resource to families and individuals who may be experiencing difficulties at home or school.

Career Counsellor – Provides educational planning advice, especially geared towards graduation, post-secondary requirements and scholarships.

Community Agencies:  AHS Addictions and Mental Health, Open Door, MHCB, Camrose Women's Shelter, and Learning Together Program. 

Hot Lunch and Breakfasts