Camrose Women's Shelter School

Women's Shelter School Program

School Program

While in shelter, children from grades one to 12 are provided with an on-site classroom and a certified teacher through the Battle River School Division that follows Alberta Education (Program of Studies Curriculum). The teacher fosters an environment where students can meet their individual educational needs, developing positive relationships, and building resilience while feeling safe and trauma-free! Time is spent building relationships before considering the academic progression. Every student’s education path is determined on an individual basis to ensure success for every student.

Consistent, caring relationships are one of the biggest factors in helping children heal from trauma. A daily routine in the classroom can be calming, so structure and predictability are provided whenever possible.

Our teacher has training and experience with Indigenous students, as well as different levels of developmental needs. Coming to the shelter can be a traumatic event for students and the school strives to meet the needs of each student by providing a flexible learning environment where learning and healing go hand and hand. When students are ready to transition into a new school environment, our teacher supports families with the move to ensure the process is smooth.

This program is only available to students in the shelter.